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Course Schedule

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​​​Students can complete the 62 credits in the Associate in Arts (AA) degree in Elementary Teacher Education on the Georgetown or Wilmington campus in four semesters. Below is a sample two-year plan for an AAP student in Elementary Teacher Education.

Freshman Year, Fall Semester: 17 Credits

Course Title​Number of Credits
​​EDUC 100: Intro to Elementary and Middle School Education​2
​EDUC 205: Human Development: Grades K–8​3
​ENGL 110: Seminar in Composition​3
Fine arts elective in ART, ARTH or MUSC​3
HIST 103, 104, 105, or 106​3
​MATH 251 – Math for K-8 Teachers: Number & Operations​3

Freshman Year, Spring Semester: 13 to 16 Credits

Course Title​Number of Credits
EDUC 240: Legal and Ethical Issues in Education3
MATH 252: Math for K–8 Teachers: Rational Numbers & Probability3
GEOL 113: Earth Science4
POSC 150: The American Political System3
Optional concentration course3

Sophomore Year, Fall Semester: 16 Credits

Course Title​Number of Credits
EDUC 230 – Introduction to Exceptional Children3
MATH 253 – Math for K-8 Teachers: Geometry, Algebra & Measurement3
BISC 104 or 207 – Biology4
GEOG 102 or 120 – Geography3
ECON 101 – Introduction to Microeconomics3

Sophomore Year, Spring Semester: 13 to 16 Credits

Course Title​Number of Credits
EDUC 210 – Beginning Literacy Instruction3
EDUC 258 – Cultural Diversity, Schooling and the Teacher3
SCEN 101 – Physical Science4
ENGL: An approved literature course3
Optional concentration course3

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Course Schedule
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Course Schedule
  • Associate in Arts Program
  • UD Academic Center
  • 300 N. Orange St.
  • Wilmington, DE 19801
  • Phone: (302) 571-5395
  • Fax: (302) 657-5198