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Meet Your AAP Peer Mentors!

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The Peer Mentor Program

We are excited to begin the inaugural year of the Peer Mentor Program for the University of Delaware Associate in Arts Program! Peer Mentors are upper-class students who serve as liaisons between faculty members and students. Most importantly, they are invaluable information resources and role models for first-year students beginning their UD academic careers at the AAP.

Each Peer Mentor is assigned to a UNIV 116 First Year Seminar course and works with the instructor to prepare weekly lesson plans and assist with lectures, presentations, and other assignments in and out of class. To foster a sense of community, the Peer Mentors hold out-of-class meetings, workshops, reading groups, and other activities.

This year's Peer Mentors began their training by taking part in the January 2018 Challenge Program. Participants attended a Blue Hen Leadership Program seminar followed by a trip to the Escape Room, where they were able to exercise and strengthen their leadership and communication skills. (Read more about previous Challenge Program events here.) Mentors continue their training with a workshop held in late August. This spring, the Mentors are enrolled in UNIV 301: Peer Practicum, which is taught by Meghan Biery, program manager for UD's First Year Experience courses. 

Student applicants should meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirement of 2.5 in order to be eligible for the Peer Mentor program, but any student with a minimum 2.0 GPA and demonstrable leadership skills will be considered. Visit UD's Peer Mentor site for more information on Mentor roles, responsibilities, compensation, and eligibility requirements.

The AAP Peer Mentors for 2018–2019 are Henry Chan, Julie Corso, Lyndsay Ryan, Michael Sydnor, and Chloe Tackett in Dover; Linda DiNenna and Trevor Roe in Georgetown; and Cameron Cupples, Sara Dooley, Sarah Geho, Steven Hunt, Keith Medley, Jarred Politarhos, Joe Weeks, Nautica Wilson-Dorsey, and Piper Wissinger in Wilmington.

Get to know the Mentors who are on your campus this year — click on their pictures to learn more about them!

Dover Peer Mentors



Georgetown Peer Mentors



Wilmington Peer Mentors



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Meet Your AAP Peer Mentors!
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