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Prospective Students

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​Welcome! If you are a high school student who is interested in the Associate in Arts Program, we have outlined a few preliminary steps for prospective students to take: 

  1. ​Review the AAP Information Sheet
  2. Visit the UD Admissions website and complete an admissions application. (Note: Admissions decisions are dependent on the application being completed in its entirety.)

If you have any questions about the admissions process or if you would like more information, contact your high school's guidance counselors. They should also be able to notify you about upcoming school visits by AAP representatives and other admissions events. 

New Student Orientation information

Join other newly admitted members of the UD community for your first official event as a Fightin' Blue Hen! New Student Orientation (NSO) for Associate in Arts students has two parts: First, you are invited to your orientation and individual academic advisement appointment, where you will meet your academic advisor and register for fall classes. Second, you will return for your campus orientation, where you'll learn more about how things are done on your campus, including important information about registration, parking, public safety, and more.

Attendance at NSO events is required. You should contact your Associate in Arts campus to confirm your attendance at both NSO events and make sure you are able to attend the individual advisement session for which you have been scheduled. NSO dates vary by campus, so be sure to check the Events Calendar or contact your campus for specific times and dates.

Information for transfer students

The Associate in Arts Program is happy to have you! We would like to ensure your success and timely degree completion. Please review all of the resources on this page and return to the page as needed to be sure that your transition is going smoothly. If you have difficulty with any step of the process, be sure to contact your campus's academic advisor.

Before your first semester: Please review your transfer credit evaluation, available through the My Blue Hen Home student portal, as well as the instructions for having your transfer credit evaluated. The sooner you begin working to have your transfer work evaluated, the sooner you'll know where you stand in your progress toward the completion of the Associate in Arts degree.

At your NSO appointment: Your advisor will review your transfer credit report with you and will help direct you in how to have any necessary courses evaluated. During your meeting with an advisor, you will receive information about the Associate in Arts Program, planning your first semester, having your courses evaluated, and an estimated time of degree completion. Additionally, your advisor will talk with you about your intended Newark major if you plan to pursue the bachelor's degree. This will be a lot of information; be prepared to take notes! If you have any questions, please ask them—we want you to feel comfortable and prepared to start the semester.

During your first semester: Immediately after your NSO appointment (if not before!), you should begin the process of having your transfer courses evaluated by UD faculty members. Please understand that this process can be time intensive; for this reason, we encourage you to begin right away. The sooner your courses are evaluated, the sooner we can assist you in determining your remaining degree requirements and identifying an appropriate graduation term. If you have any questions about this process, please follow up with the Administrative Academic Advisor on your campus.

Continuing through to degree completion: If your transfer credits have not been completely evaluated by the end of your first term, it is important that you remain diligent in working toward having the courses evaluated. Any delay in this process may impact your graduation term. Once you are enrolled in your second-to-last semester (as determined by your official graduation term in UDSIS), we will send you a Degree Checkout, documenting your remaining requirements. You will need to review that document carefully and contact our staff members immediately if you have any questions or concerns about the information in the checkout. We'll be happy to assist you in understanding the document and resolving any issues you may have.

Throughout your time in the Associate in Arts Program, the advising staff is here to support you. If you have any questions, please contact us. If we can't answer your questions, we'll connect you with people who can.

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Prospective Students
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Prospective Students
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