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News Registration for Winter Session opens Oct. 28

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Special-session courses help students to "Finish in Two"
Winter session 2020 - make winter count

Winter Session 2020 registration opened on Monday, Oct. 28. Winter Session — one of the University's two "special sessions" that are held outside of the regular fall and spring semesters — offers a variety of benefits for AAP students. Once available only in Newark, winter courses are now offered on all three AAP campuses:

   Dover               Georgetown               Wilmington

In addition to traditional class formats, there is also a wide variety of UD Online courses available. (Please note: AAP students must obtain permission from an academic advisor to enroll in online courses.)

AAP students must successfully complete 60 credits to obtain their Associate in Arts degree and transition to the Newark campus for completion of their bachelor's degree. Winter courses afford AAP students the opportunity to fulfill needed breadth requirements and make progress on their degree. 

Students often make use of Winter Session to explore a new interest or to increase their chances of success in a particularly challenging course. Additionally, for AAP students who struggle to balance work and other obligations with their regular-semester course loads, a winter course can make all the difference, reducing academic pressure during the fall and spring. 

Special-session courses are an integral part of the AAP's commitment to helping students "Finish in Two," ensuring their timely transition to Newark while encouraging a healthy balance between their academic and personal lives. 

Although Winter Session tuition is not covered by the SEED Scholarship, winter courses on AAP campuses are offered at one-third the cost of main-campus tuition. When taking winter courses on the Newark campus, AAP students will be charged the standard undergraduate tuition rate. Visit the Financial Information page for Winter Session tuition rates. 

For a full list of all courses being offered this winter and information about tuition, registration, payment options, and more, visit the University's Winter Session 2020 website

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Registration for Winter Session 2020 opened on Monday, Oct. 28. Learn more about the ways a special-session course can help you "Finish in Two"!

​Registration for Winter Session 2020 opened on Monday, Oct. 28. Learn more about the ways a special-session course can help you "Finish in Two"!

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Registration for Winter Session opens Oct. 28
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